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A few years ago we posted the reading list for AUX, our UX apprenticeship program. A lot has changed since then, and with our latest update to the curriculum it seemed like a good opportunity to talk about the reading list again. It’s a pretty long list, but the books/articles are listed by priority under each heading.

The current apprenticeship is divided into a main curriculum that everyone participates in around general UX topics, and a minor track where apprentices can choose to study UI Design, Front-End Development, or Strategy in more detail. Apprentices aren’t expected to read everything as it’s a pretty overwhelming amount of material. Instead, they’re encouraged to go as far through the list as necessary to complete their understanding of a topic and aid them in execution of a challenge. If they want to go further, there is plenty of material available.

Main Curriculum Reading

User Research and Interviewing

Prototyping and Usability Testing

Personas, Experience Mapping and Behavior

UI Design Minor Reading

Accessibility and Universal Design

Asset Optimization and Performance

Design Systems

Front-End Development Minor Reading

Progressive Enhancement and Accessibility

Performance Budgeting

Front-End Systems Architecture

Strategy Minor Reading

Business Model Canvases

Product Roadmapping

Domain Analysis