I’m a product designer, strategist, and educator. I lead teams looking for a simpler approach to building complicated things.

About me

Originally trained in print design, I became fascinated with the web during my final year in the visual design program at UMass Dartmouth. Over the next few years I made my way into product/UX and now I work at DEPTĀ® a full-service product agency spread across Europe and the US.

I’m also the former Director of Fresh Tilled Soil’s user experience apprenticeship program (AUX), as well as an occasional writer and conference speaker, and a former podcast co-host.

During the day I’m a meticulous craftsman, a full-on typography nerd, and a relentless seeker of problems worth solving. After hours I cook for my family, slowly replace/improve every piece of our home, practice basic woodworking and carpentry, camp and hike, play the electric guitar, and share the joys of Star Wars and LEGO with our 6-year old son.